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Ocelots ID’s and thanks!

As some will remember we still with nameless jaguars and ocelots. We decided to honor those who are helping to support our efforts. Here are some of the new individuals recorded by our camera traps:






Pirjo I,






and Kristian!

Dear friends, please, accept this tribute as a huge THANK YOU!!!




Ocelots, cattle, and…?

Yay!!! Nice results start to appear from Ponte Branca!!! And more new ocelots individuals on our records! A particular one I will call Theresa, bestowed Theresa Siskind who very generously made the very first donation to the project via Wildlife Direct. Thank you Theresa!

The ocelot “Theresa”, at Ponte Branca.

Nothing is perfect and one of the cameras has malfunctioned, despite being programmed to work only at night, discharged the entire film roll in one afternoon taking amazing photos of… nothing!

A delightful photo of…? Night photo programmed – afternoon photo?

Maybe some remember when I spoke on fixing cameras in the fence trying to get the animals that use the paths on the pasture. So, I could not resist and did try my luck again and fixed one. There is! Some cats and lots of cows!

A beautiful Nelore at the edge of Ponte Branca… Ok, no more cameras in the fence…

There are much more news and some new species. Keep it coming folks!

We have set the date for the next jaguar expedition at Ivinhema to August 4th until August 15th!!!

See you on Friday!

Nameless jaguars?

Dear friends,

Our jaguars still without proper names and there are three ocelots to be named!

For the female jaguar Mr. Pechir suggests Diane, Paula suggests Shakira and Elizabeth suggests Quilla.


New right side photo of our nameless jaguar!

To the cub Ody by Mr. Pechir and De Niro by Paula.


And you Theresa? We are missing you in this issue!

More suggestions? Votes? And how about the ocelots?

A great hug from Brazil.