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Meet the team: Fernando Lima

My name is Fernando Lima. I am a biologist and actually doing my Master graduate with my childhood dream: to work with wild cats. I am evaluating ocelot’s demography, home range and movement patterns through forest patches in the fragmented landscape of Pontal do Paranapanema region. I am working in the “Landscape Detectives” project since 2003 and I hope to increase the knowledge on this and other cats in Pontal and Upper Parana region to support Atlantic Forest conservation through corridor reforestation. I really like to read books written by naturalists that came to Brazil in the XIX century and their diaries. My hope here is that you enjoy this blog on our efforts to promote these fascinating animals conservation as I enjoy reading these earlier adventurers reports. Became part of our team! Welcome on board!


Me and my very first jaguar capture in 2004: the female “Livia”.

Meet the team: Laury Cullen Jr., PhD

I am Laury Cullen, scientific research coordinator and conservation biologist with IPÊ. I obtained my Masters in Conservation Biology at the University of Florida, Gainsville and my Ph.D. at the University of Kent, UK. I had focused my research on the ecology of large mammals, applying conservation biology principles to the restoration of fragmented landscapes and community work. I have published over 40 papers and have received international recognition through the 2006 Rolex Award for Enterprise and the 2002 Whitley Gold Award. I am also a Fellow of the ASHOKA Foundation for social entrepreneurs. I have worked in the area for over a decade and have developed a very positive relationship with local people and landowners, as well as with local government for good policies in biodiversity conservation in Brazil.

Laury and the jaguar

Laury and the female jaguar “Tina” captured for radio tagging.