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Conservation Games

To celebrate my 13th (or is it the 16th? Think I lost the account… anyway) project proposal denied I decide to write some lines on this issue. E-mails starting with “…we regret to inform you…” can change pure hope in complete frustration… But what is behind it? The proposals do not achieve the excellence required? […]

Day 4 – September 5, 2007

After yesterday’s fright in the lock, we awoke at 6:30 AM and noticed a man meandering curiously toward us to look at the boat. Mr. Eliseu owns the house facing that night’s mooring. We were preoccupied with the CESP (São Paulo State Electric Company) high tension lines that cross the River right below Porto Primavera. […]

Day 3 – September 4, 2007

The day was still struggling to show its first signs and we were already preparing for breakfast, when two people, almost unnoticeably, climbed down the banks toward the river margin: Carlos Plateiro and one of the assistants who work on the farm he owns in Anaurilândia. Breakfast postponed, we disembarked to talk with our friend. […]

Day 2 – September 3, 2007

Most important accounts and findings: Definitely a long day! We woke up really early and, after a hearty breakfast, reassumed our journey, but could count very little on the wind. About one third of our route was taken using the 15 hp outboard engine that we have for situations like this and for riskier maneuvers. […]

Day 1 – September 2, 2007

As planned, the Jaguar Corridor Expedition departed at 2:30 PM from Porto Príncipe Marina, in the town of Presidente Epitácio, São Paulo. Our departure was quite hectic, with friends from IPÊ, sailors and supporters from all over the region coming to watch closely the beginning of our journey along the Paraná River. Representatives from the […]

Are jaguars killing everything?

Back on July we went to the forest fragment Tucano to start sampling this area. I have to confess that I didn’t want to do this now. In 2005 we start a pilot study on ocelots in the fragments. At that time we only had eight camera-traps and set up all in Tucano. Four was […]