Monthly Archives: October 2008

The Jaguar Corridor Expedition Press Release

“On board sailboat Pasárgada, Laury Cullen and Fernando Lima, researchers of the Institute of Ecological Research – IPÊ, set off on an unheard-of expedition, sailing for more than 270 miles, with the objective of investigating the current conservation status of the Biodiversity Corridor of the Upper Paraná River. The sailboat Pasárgada  The Biodiversity Corridor protects […]

Ocelots ID’s and thanks!

As some will remember we still with nameless jaguars and ocelots. We decided to honor those who are helping to support our efforts. Here are some of the new individuals recorded by our camera traps: Sheryl, Wanda, Pirjo I, Angelica, J.B., and Kristian! Dear friends, please, accept this tribute as a huge THANK YOU!!! Cheers   […]

The return of the jedis

After a while on the bush and in the rush here we are again to share with you our struggle to survive and attempts to promote wild cat species survival in Pontal. Many things happened, passing by two expeditions tracking jaguars, pumas, ocelots and their prey in Mato-Grosso-do-Sul State, the National Mammalogy Meeting, camera review […]