Monthly Archives: July 2008

What the bleep do we do with $15.00???

Dear friends, yesterday I went to Presidente Prudente – the “regional capital” of Pontal do Paranapanema – 100 Km far from Teodoro Sampaio. In my backpack was the last 35 film rolls from Ponte Branca and Seis R that I sent to be processed. This is the best part of the work with cameras: you […]

Jaguar Corridors

A genetic bank, with 3 thousand seedlings of 100 species of Atlantic Forest trees, was planted last Friday in a collective effort of IPÊ, volunteers, students and land owners. All the seedlings was obtained in partnership with CESP (Electric Company of São Paulo) and the objective is to maintain, in the same place, a large […]

The hunt to save jaguars – Complete Issue

“There is no bigger thrill then when you shoot a jaguar” says hunter Carlos Roberto Platero. He follow a trail in one of the last portions of Mata Atlântica preserved in the Ivinhema, southern part of the state of Mato Grosso do Sul. The dogs are Platero’s eyes in the forest. They are trained to […]

The hunt to save jaguars

And back home again! Time to update everything! We just arrived and received good news: one article on our work with jaguars was published on Época, a very important Brazilian magazine. The article “A caçada para salvar onças: Como uma pesquisa de preservação de felinos virou um dos maiores projetos para salvar florestas do país” […]

On agoutis, pumas and the hard reality of be a brazilian researcher…

Between an activity and other I still feeding my Camera Data Base with the partial results of last film rolls processed. The project uses a Data Base especially designed for camera traps by Mathias Tobler from Andes to Amazon Biodiversity Program. What a wonderful tool! It takes a while to feed, but when it’s done, […]