Monthly Archives: April 2008

Back on Seis R

After a while trying to solve Deep Thought (my computer) problems, I sent it to maintenance and now we are back to carry on sharing our experiences on jaguars and ocelots conservation. Marina and I went to Seis R to check out the camera traps and fix the hair traps. We left Little Miss Sunshine […]

Catnip Test

This week Marina Macharia- a geneticist student from São Carlos Federal University – who is evaluating ocelot genetic diversity of Pontal do Paranapanema and Foz do Iguaçu came to visit us. This issue is the theme of her master degree dissertation and she came to see how the project works in practice. In other words: […]

Nameless jaguars?

Dear friends, Our jaguars still without proper names and there are three ocelots to be named! For the female jaguar Mr. Pechir suggests Diane, Paula suggests Shakira and Elizabeth suggests Quilla. New right side photo of our nameless jaguar! To the cub Ody by Mr. Pechir and De Niro by Paula. And you Theresa? We […]

There and Back Again

Dear friends, Truly your forgiveness I implore by this embaracing absence, but the fact is I was so lost by the last week events. I was prepared to spend one complete month in Belo Horizonte attending the last discipline at University to complete my credits on my master degree, after that only field work, data […]