Monthly Archives: March 2008

And the ocelots starts to appears!

Dear friends, And the photos analyses still revealing nice surprises! Here I want to make a “public” acknowledgement to Mathias Tobler from Botanical Research Institute of Texas. He create a database to organize and prepare the photos from camera traps to statistical analyses. Thank you Mathias! We started now to identify ocelot pictures. I am […]

From the plateau to the mountain…

Today, first of all I want you to apologize me about my english… You know, it is not my first language and I am afraid that something can sounds weird! Thank you all for the patience, think it can improve with pratice! Well, our two days meeting was really productive and busy! New challenges, good […]

Seis R Camera Fixing – Mission Complete!

After a little rest on Good Friday I was trying to figure out what was happening with one of the Camera Traps. We were fixing it on Thursday by afternoon and it gets a shoot without any movement in front of it. As in previous surveys some film rolls gets photos each 5 minutes (the […]

Seis R Camera Fixing

Well, at least I can talk on our day by day. I truly acknowledge your patience, but do believe that was necessary to introduce the project concept in a “formal” before everything. Right now I am writing from the IPÊ’s head quarter were we are in our meeting that occurs each three months. Before came […]

Meet the team: Fernando Lima

My name is Fernando Lima. I am a biologist and actually doing my Master graduate with my childhood dream: to work with wild cats. I am evaluating ocelot’s demography, home range and movement patterns through forest patches in the fragmented landscape of Pontal do Paranapanema region. I am working in the “Landscape Detectives” project since […]

Meet the team: Laury Cullen Jr., PhD

I am Laury Cullen, scientific research coordinator and conservation biologist with IPÊ. I obtained my Masters in Conservation Biology at the University of Florida, Gainsville and my Ph.D. at the University of Kent, UK. I had focused my research on the ecology of large mammals, applying conservation biology principles to the restoration of fragmented landscapes […]

Jaguars and ocelots as Landscape Detectives: Background

Forest Fragmentation – Most of the Interior Atlantic Forest which remains survives in small pockets in the Pontal do Paranapanema, a poor rural area west of São Paulo inhabited mainly by traditional rural communities. The IPÊ – Instituto de Pesquisas Ecológicas began its work in the region in 1997. While some of the forest is […]

Jaguar and ocelots as Landscape Detectives: Summary

Mention conservation in Brazil, and most people think of the Amazon and its rapidly diminishing rainforest. There is, however, another endangered ecosystem in Brazil that demands even more urgent attention. The Atlantic forest – Mata Atlântica – once covered 1.2 million Km2, over 12 % of Brazil. Bordering the Atlantic coast it stretched up to […]